A snapshot of local bird life

The bullfinch
The bullfinch

I was writing about the finch clan last week and mentioned this fine fellow, the bullfinch, writes George Hogg (Hogg Estate Services).

What handsome birds they are, particularly the red-breasted males such as this one. Sadly, bullfinches are among the many species of garden bird which have declined over the years.

The RSPB is at the forefront of research to reverse these declines. Of course, to tackle bird declines you must first identify which species need help.

Perhaps the most important means of monitoring and counting our garden bird populations is happening soon. More than half a million people from across the UK are set to take part by counting the birds in their gardens over this weekend, January 30-31.

They will also make a record of the other wildlife they see throughout the year, providing a vital snapshot of UK nature.

You don’t even need a garden to take part as you can do your count in any bird habitat such as your local park. So what are you waiting for? To take part in the world’s largest wildlife survey just google Big Garden Birdwatch 2016 and register to take part.

This annual survey has been operating for enough years to illustrate the rises and falls in fortunes of all our garden species. There have been winners, such as woodpigeon, greater spotted woodpecker and goldfinch.

However there have been losers such as the beautiful bullfinch.

Do your part to help us understand what is happening to our garden birds. This survey is designed for the mass public to take part in.