A welcome addition to the fold


NCIS: New Orleans (Friday, February 13, Channel 5, 9pm)

What’s It All About?

We’ve already had NCIS: Los Angeles - and let’s not forget NCIS itself started out as a spin-off of JAG – but now it heads to the banks of the Mississippi for a brand new addition to the franchise.

It’s a welcome one, too – not least because it features Golden Globe winner Scott Bakula as the head of the New Orleans NCIS office, a former colleague of Gibbs called Dwayne Pride.

In this feature-length crossover-cum-pilot, Gibbs and Pride work together when their old mentor, now a congressman, is murdered. Gibbs and Bishop head out to meet their opposite numbers, and accompany Pride to Louisiana as they attempt to find out a bit more about the circumstances surrounding McLane’s death; McGee, DiNozzo and Fornell, meanwhile, hang back in DC – there’s every chance that a political motive exists, and what better place to be in order to investigate any such leads than the home of US democracy?