Actress haunted by Mary Queen of Scots

Holywood actress Louise Linton, from Lasswade
Holywood actress Louise Linton, from Lasswade

Lasswade movie star Louise Linton has revealed the haunted secrets behind her upbringing at Midlothian’s Melville Castle.

The 28-year-old rising Hollywood star has revealed the paranormal tales that exist at the 18th century property – and believes there is a strong chance Mary Queen of Scots still haunts the historic estate.

The film star-turned producer said: “The castle is definitely haunted and many people have claimed to see a ghost. Many have even claimed it’s Mary Queen of Scots because it’s where she had her romance with David Rizzio.

“They actually planted three oaks trees, which are remarkably still on the property. I think that’s quite romantic.

“Others say she is a woman named Elizabeth. People see her in room 108 or in the library bar.

“I was too scared to ever be alone in the castle as a child because of the ghost, so thankfully I never met her, but I know people who did.

“All the stories are amazing. She is said to appear in the autumn and winter, and always in the afternoon – when there’s still daylight.”

Louise’s upbringing at Melville has inspired her forthcoming, yet untitled, horror movie.

She said: “The castle is magical and filled with so much history and I can’t wait to film there this winter – it’s definitely an inspiring place to shoot a movie.

“It’s also going to be really exciting to film in Midlothian. I’ve never worked on any UK productions and I’m sort of thrilled the first one I shoot there is one I’m producing and very passionate about.”

Louise and producing partner Tina Sutakanat have made waves in Hollywood already, partnering with some of the most famous names in film. Recent projects include thriller Flick and Intruder,