Advertiser Poll of the Week - the Movember challenge

Campbell Hutchison week one Movember.
Campbell Hutchison week one Movember.

Week one of Movember and Advertiser reporters Campbell Hutcheson and Kevin Quinn have embarked on a soon-to-be rather hairy adventure.

But who do you think will grow a moustache one could be proud of?

Kevin Quinn week one Movember.

Kevin Quinn week one Movember.

Campbell: Old-stager? Crikey. That was how I was described in last week’s paper. Editor Jo assures me that an old-stager is “an experienced person who has been through many battles.” Well, I looked a bit battle-scarred on the front page, like a suspect being interrogated in The Sweeney. Caught by the fuzz, right enough.

“We know you did it, sunshine. You’ll get 15 years for this.” I was wearing a grim expression and a fleece still on its coathanger. Where’s Gok Wan when you need him?

It’s a bit disconcerting going into a supermarket and seeing your face on the news-stand. It didn’t get any better on page 13 and that head-to-head with Kev, the young pretender.

Kevin: Well, one week into Movember and already I’m noticing how this little bit of hair under my nose is changing me and affecting those around me.

I’ve found that I can’t stop touching it which is a bit weird to be honest. I keep catching myself doing it – it’s taken over! And now I’m just glad that I didn’t go for my original ‘trucker’ facial growth that I did have on my face, but due to the difficulty of maintaining and grooming that look, I opted for the standard ‘tache. Otherwise, my fingers would be all over my chin too!

What do you think of awareness campaigns like Movember and who will come out on top in this hairy challenge?

Add your comments, below, and take part in our poll, right.

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