All or bust for ‘star in a bra’ mum

Nicola Graveson, 39, from Dalkeith
Nicola Graveson, 39, from Dalkeith

A married mum-of-two from Midlothian has had the last laugh against bullies who tormented her over her chest size.

Nicola Graveson (39), from Dalkeith, is the oldest – and only Scottish – entrant in an international competition to find a model for size D-plus bras.

She told the Advertiser: “It’s a huge confidence boost – I can’t quite believe it. I entered for a bit of fun and didn’t think it would go anywhere, especially when I saw it was worldwide. My friends and family think it’s great.”

But the artist and showgirl still has painful memories of being taunted over her 32J bust, prior to undergoing a breast reduction operation that took her down to a size 32E at the age of 24.

She said: “That operation was the best thing I ever did because I had no confidence at all when I was younger.

“I was bullied at school and into my 20s because of the size of my chest. I was slimmer than I am now and looked like a cartoon character.

“Every day someone did something or said something, and women were just as bad as men.

“I used to look at the ground when I walked down the street and it would drive my friends and family crazy when they were with me. It was horrible.”

Now feeling more confident and glamorous then ever, Nicola is urging women of all shapes and sizes to make the most of what they have.

She said: “You gain confidence when you get older. People should enjoy it and not be scared of ageing. Life is not over when you hit 40.”

Nicola has been shortlisted alongside 24 other women from Australia, America, Ukraine, France, Poland and Britain after beating thousands of competitors.

Explaining her reasons for entering the competition, she told organisers: “This year I turn 40 and I have never felt as confident as I do now.

“I want to show that you can still be fun, sexy and glamorous after having two babies.

“I’m definitely at an age where I have accepted all the positive things about my body as well as the flaws and it feels wonderful.”

The winner will be chosen in a public vote and will get the chance to take part in Curvy Kate’s summer shoot.

They will also be awarded a year-long modelling contract.

To help Nicola fly the flag for Midlothian visit to vote.