American study dream comes true

Midlothian Student - Fulbright Awardee, Catherine Law
Midlothian Student - Fulbright Awardee, Catherine Law

A Newtongrange student is heading stateside to study criminology thanks to a Fulbright University of South Florida Postgraduate Award.

The scholarship means Catherine Law (23), who already has a first-class honours degree in Sociology from Abertay University and a masters in criminal justice from Strathclyde University, will be given full funding to study a PhD for up to four years in the US.

The former King’s Park Primary and Dalkeith High School pupil said: “Fullbright has got different awards but I’m the only one in the UK to get this specific award. This is the first time they have given this award. But they have been doing exchanges between the UK and US since World War Two.

“I will be doing criminology. My research is focusing on organisations that help and educate younger people with regards to maintaining healthy relationships.

“I realise I will be 27 when I come out of education but I just like learning new things.”

On her return from the States, Catherine hopes to teach youngsters about relationships. She said:“When I come back I will be starting my own project, educating young people to stay away from abusive relationships.

“It stems from domestic abuse. I think there are a lot of young people that either feel that there is something wrong or don’t like the way they are being treated.

“And it’s to show them that this is not acceptable. You can leave if you want to.

“It’s about educating people. If we do it at a younger age then they will see it.

“The aim eventually is to take it into schools. Ultimately make it compulsory in the schools.

“And I would love to take it into Midlothian schools, as I know it’s a big issue in Scotland.”