Anarchist vandalism in Mayfield has “gone too far”

Anarchist vandalism in Mayfield
Anarchist vandalism in Mayfield

A recent spate of anarchist vandalism in Mayfield, including at Newbattle Medical Practice, has left the local community outraged.

Robert Hogg, Mayfield and Easthouses Community Council chairman, said: “It’s been going on for about two weeks now. It’s just been constant. It’s the same sign turning up on all the vandalism.

“It’s not the usual vandals. It’s just a small band of anti-establishment folk. We thought we were winning the battle with vandalism in Mayfield but it’s just exploded in the last two weeks.

“And to do the doctor’s surgery - it’s gone too far. You have made your point. It’s just ridiculous now. He is going to get caught eventually, but for now he is getting away with it.

“Everybody here is talking about it and asking what action has been taken. They are absolutely furious.”

Mr Hogg also praised the council for quickly cleaning up the vandalism when it has appeared recently.

A Midlothian Council van was also covered in graffiti while it was parked in Oak Place, while other signage within Mayfield Park has sustained similar damage.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “We are aware of recent acts of vandalism across Mayfield and Dalkeith where graffiti with offensive messages has been sprayed onto various properties within these areas. Local officers are carrying out proactive inquiries to trace whoever is responsible and anyone with information that can assist with their investigation is asked to come forward.”