Anger at broadband switch-on confusion

James at cabinet 11 in Gorebridge, which has still to be switched on
James at cabinet 11 in Gorebridge, which has still to be switched on

The Scottish Government organisation behind the rollout of high-speed broadband across the country has been labelled “clueless.’’

The accusation came from Gorebridge resident James Hogg who moved into the new Kirkhill Rise housing estate two years ago.

Last December he noticed BT Openreach workers at a new fibre broadband cabinet close to his house and hoped that he would soon be receiving high speed internet, particularly given that the e-learning developer works mostly from home.

He said: “I emailed when I saw the guys out there.

‘‘I was then told by Digital Scotland that it would be turned on in the third quarter of 2016. With the new school now open, and us being in quarter three, I thought it would be going live.

“However, the last email I received said we are not in the roll-out.

Yet BT has told me we are. It just seems strange that we now don’t deal with Digital Scotland – it’s a commercial provider now. There is a real lack of clarity coming out of Digital Scotland.

“You would just think that they would deal with all of this in Scotland. It’s a government body set-up in Scotland.

“It doesn’t seem to know what it is doing or not doing. It is clueless.

“I’ve been communicating with Digital Scotland since last December and it has never said anything about someone else dealing with it. Residents just need more clarity.”

James revealed his frustrations at his current internet speed: “You have got to feel sorry for the school. They could and should be accessing things a lot faster.

“I can still work from home, as long as I’m not working on big files.

“We stayed in Eskbank previously and we got 17MB. When we lived there you could download things from the TV instantly. Now it has to be overnight.

“Living in a brand new home, we thought this would be part of it – or at least not take long to become part of it. It’s just really disappointing. When we moved into a modern development we expected to have the best facilities. We feel left behind the curve.”

A spokesman for Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband said: “Mr Hogg is served off cabinet 11, which is included in our roll-out and is due to go live in the next few weeks.

“We apologise for any confusion. People can check and see the progress of their cabinet at The school network is served off an unrelated network.”