Anger at equal marriage delays

Midlothian Youth Platform (MYP) has hit out at the Scottish Government’s recent decision to further delay their announcement on equal marriage.

The Scottish Government’s public consultation on same-sex marriage closed on December 9 last year.

And the government had previously indicated there would be an announcement in March, June and then on July 10.

Gina Clark (pictured above), chairman of MYP and member of the Scottish Youth Parliament for Midlothian South, said: “I’m very disappointed that the Scottish Government has again delayed telling us its decision.

“However, it is good news the idea of a referendum has been rejected.”

She added: “It is clear from talking to young people in Midlothian and all over Scotland that the majority whole-heartedly support equal marriage rights, which is no different from the majority of Scots.

“The Government should stop delaying and get on with the process. The people of Scotland have told the government what we want, they need to stop stalling and take action.”