Anger over £25,000 for Midlothian twinning festival

Members of the Garaboncias dance group from Komarom-Esztergom
Members of the Garaboncias dance group from Komarom-Esztergom

News that Midlothian Council is to spend £25,000 on hosting a twinning festival has sparked outrage on our Facebook page.

Midlothian’s link with Kreis Heinsberg in Germany and Komarom-Esztergom in Hungary has seen a Festival of Friendship held every two years between the partner areas since 1978.

At last week’s council meeting, Labour councillors were against using the money for a festival that Provost Joe Wallace (SNP) admitted “may well be the last one” when Midlothian hosts it next October.

Council leader Owen Thompson (SNP) said to cancel the event now “would reflect very badly on us as a council”.

When we broke this story people took to our Facebook page to vent their anger.

Chris Kinsman said: “Isn’t that just a bunch of pals going on a free holiday jolly ?? Bet it’s twinning with the Seychelles !!”

And Stuart Christie said: “Where is the value for money, total waste but they are law to themselves that lot.”

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