Appeal for church war memorial name call

Newbattle Parish Church is to erect a memorial to the local people who died in World War Two and is calling on suggestions to add names to its list.

Tuesday, 11th April 2017, 7:14 am
Left to right: Minister Malcolm Muir, John Duncan

The provisional list of 53 names for the memorial, compiled by local historian and Advertiser contributor John Duncan, includes some men not featured on civic memorials in the parish of Newbattle.

John is calling on people to inform him of any names they think should be on the list.

He said: “A couple of years ago I said to Reverend Sean Swindells it’s a shame you don’t have a World War Two memorial. He agreed and set the ball rolling, and now Reverend Malcolm Muir who has taken over has kept it going.

“I think it’s brilliant that the parish is recognising the World War Two servicemen, some of them have never been recognised in 70 years and it’s about time that was put to bed.

“I know some of the relatives of guys that have been missed out and they feel that they have been snubbed and their service and sacrifice hasn’t been recognised.

“Like Barrie Jones from Newtongrange, he died in Singapore in 1946. He was born in Newtongrange, his wife was from Gowkshill, so the council said he should go on the Gorebridge war memorial, but of course they said it should be Newtongrange, so he didn’t end up on either memorial.

“His daughter has never had a war memorial to visit to remember her dad, I have been trying for years to get him the recognition he deserves.”

The church hopes to have the memorial in place by Remembrance Sunday in November, to add to the World War One memorial already there.

The provisional memorial list is: John F Allan, James F Beveridge, William H Bonsor, Alex Burnett, Peter Burnett, William Campbell, Hector C Clark, John S Coleman, William Currie, James Dea, Edward B Dick, W R Dickson, William Dodds, Harold Finlay, Adam A Ford, James C Forrest, Ronald Fraser, Charles M Gowrie, John Hadden, Andrew Haldane, Brodie D Haldane, Robert Hails, David Hamilton, John Herbert, James Holgate, David Hunter, Alexander Hunter, James F Hughes, Robert L Jack, Barrie Jones, George C Johnston, Zibigniew Kozlowski, Charles C Law, John Livingstone, Douglas MacKenzie, Malcolm McLean, Peter J McLeod, William Meek, Robert Y Moffat, Thomas C Moffat, George Noble, John B Paxton, Nicol Peacock, George W Raper, Ninian Roberts, William A Scott, Archie Thomson, David Trist, John Webster, Joseph White, Hugh Whitehead, Andrew D Wilson, William S Wilson.

If you have any suggestions to add to the list of names for the World War Two memorial at Newbattle Parish Church, please email [email protected]