Apprenticeship scheme success

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More than 400 young people and numerous local businesses in Midlothian are benefitting from Modern Apprenticeships.

Figures from Skills Development Scotland (SDS) show that there were 422 Modern Apprenticeships in Midlothian last year.

This means that 12 per cent of the 16 to 24-year-olds in employment in the county are Modern Apprentices.

The SDS figures show that there have been 100,000 new Modern Apprenticeship places in Scotland during the past four years, surpassing the Scottish Government target of 25,000 each year.

SDS area manager for Midlothian, Margot Crosbie, said: “Last year there were more than 400 new apprenticeship places in Midlothian and more than 25,000 across the country.

“It’s a great testament to employers that they have continued to invest in Modern Apprenticeship opportunities right through the economic downturn.

“It’s also a great credit to the Modern Apprentices that so many have successfully completed or are on their way to completing their apprenticeship.

“Modern Apprenticeships provide young people with opportunities and support the local economy by anchoring skills and jobs in the Midlothian.”

Midlothian Council is involved in the Modern Apprenticeship programme. It has 11 apprentices working towards their qualification and expect to recruit another 16 apprentices this year.

Dennis Dunne from Midlothian Training Services, said the council has apprentices working across all areas of the council.

He added: “The Modern Apprentice route offer young people the opportunity to secure industry recognised qualifications while earning a wage, learn from experienced staff and develop an understanding of business operations.This has proved to be a crucial entry level route for many members of staff and is key to succession planning for Midlothian Council.”

Businesses can find out more about support for hiring Modern Apprentices at