Approval for taller turbine bid near Penicuik

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Planners have given the go-ahead for a wind turbine two metres higher than a previously-approved application.

Planning permission for a 33 metre high wind turbine at Pomathorn Farm near Penicuik was granted last year.

Councillor Bryan Pottinger (Lab) ‘called in’ a bid for a 35.2 metre high wind turbine in place of the original application.

Last week he told Midlothian Council’s planning committee of changes to the original application, adding: “I’m not pro or anti wind turbines as such.

“I think it’s right this one should be dealt with by the committee. I thought it was right to question it.

“Facts have suddenly changed. That’s why it wasn’t called in the first time. So this is a fresh application.

“Previous errors were put on the website after the decision was taken with delegated powers.

“There are questions still to be answered before I can make my mind up.”

The application received 64 objections.

Howgate Community Council voiced concerns that the turbine would be visually intrusive for nearby residents and represent a significant and dangerous distraction for motorists, especially those driving on the B7026.

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