Appy go lucky for new game show


The Singer Takes It All

(Friday, August 1, Channel 4, 9pm)

What’s It All About? Oh look, it’s just what we were all crying out for - another new TV talent show.

But before you get start getting too cynical, this new singing contest does have a twist, and we’re not talking about chairs that spin round.

Thanks to a real-time interactive app, this time, the viewing public won’t have to listen to the opinions of a panel of expert judges before they are allowed to start voting, but will be able to take complete control of the show themselves.

Presenter Alan Carr introduces the singers, who will perform on a conveyor belt – and if the public like them, they will press ‘hit’ on the app, moving them closer to the golden zone and potential prize of £10,000.

But if the public hit miss, they will be send trundling towards the exit.

Look Out For: Celebrity guests. Although they won’t be able to influence the outcome, a famous singer will be on hand each week to offer some guidance and feedback.

Alan Carr says: “It’s got the same feel to it as when you do karaoke down the pub - there’s no pressure, just come and have a go. It’s stripped bare. Nobody’s cat has just died.”