Artwork stolen from garden

A Rosewell artist’s tribute to her ill partner of 30 years has been stolen from her front garden.

Fiona Maher, an arts and creativity team manager at Midlothian Council, made the sculpture three years ago when her partner Mike was hospitalised following a stroke.

The impression of her hands on his head was a reflection of what her family was going through at the time.

She explained: “During what was a hugely traumatic experience I decided to channel my emotions at night school. It was very much a case of expressing what was going on at the time.”

It took around eight weeks to finish the sculpture, which according to Fiona holds a lot of personal, sentimental and emotional value.

She believes it was stolen last month, and is perplexed as to why none of her other works of art were taken.

The mum of three added: “I was gutted. There were six other pieces in the garden but for some reason that sculpture was the only one stolen. It’s not likely to be very valuable; I don’t rate it as a very good piece myself but it might be sellable.”

Fiona and Mike, who have been together for more than 30 years, were married on Hogmanay last year. They have three children, aged 16, 22 and 24.

Mike spent one month in hospital and is still recovering from the massive stroke.

“When he was shown the sculpture for the first time he was so emotional that he couldn’t look at it,” added Fiona.

A police spokesman said: “We are investigating following the theft of a sculpture from a garden in Midlothian.

“The incident happened sometime between October 14-28 at an address in Gorton Road, Rosewell.

“The limestone artwork of a man’s head and hands is of no significant monetary value. However, it has great sentimental importance to the victim who is keen to have it returned.

“Anyone who can assist with our enquiries into this theft is asked to contact police immediately.”