Assurances over Midlothian residents’ safety

Assurances have been given that public safety is paramount when housing registered sex offenders in the community.

Leading players in Midlothian’s Multi-Agency Public Protection Panel (MAPPP) have spoken out following two protests – in Dalkeith and Loanhead – following the release of rapist Robert Greens.

Greens – dubbed the Da Vinci Code rapist – was released from prison last month after serving five years for the rape of a Dutch teenager in Roslin Glen in 2005.

He is subject to a series of restrictions, including being accompanied by police and social workers at all time, being subject to a curfew and banned from using the internet. He is not to approach children or women.

MAPPPs are a statutory body found in every local authority area with the responsibility of managing sex offenders from their release from prison or after being dealt with in the courts.

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