Barn fire hits local farmer in the pocket

Redhuegh Farm Fire
Redhuegh Farm Fire

A Midlothian farmer has hit out at mindless vandals after one of his barns was set on fire for two days, destroying £4,000 worth of hay.

The incident happened at Redheugh Farm near Gorebridge on June 2, with the Fire Service called to the scene at around 8.30pm.

John Goffin farms at Redheugh and Mauldslie. He said: “It would have been far more serious if it had been at Mauldslie as there is fertiliser and machinery that would have gone up in smoke.

“And we were very lucky that the cattle had been moved earlier that week. They were in the neighbouring shed, but we had moved them out for grazing.

“This has been going on with youths for the best part of two and half months.

“All it takes is one kid to muck around with a lighter or cigarette in the hay barn.

“I’m incredibly frustrated.

“It’s difficult enough to farm. We are trying to improve the farm and give the best care to our livestock.

“But then we have this vandalism from kids whose parents don’t care where they are. There were a group of kids standing there watching it burn. They don’t care.

“We don’t know if it was the same kids for sure, but what the hell are they doing out at that age at that time of night? It was a school night.

“The hay is uninsured, so the £4,000 to replace it comes straight out of my pocket.”