Been around the world and back

Lisa Stansfield. Photo: PA Photo/Handout
Lisa Stansfield. Photo: PA Photo/Handout

Considering the motto ‘The show must go on’, there’s something pleasingly refreshing about an artist backing away from it all to simply put their feet up.

When Lisa Stansfield released her debut album, it went on to sell more than five million copies and spawned the single All Around World, a No 1 smash, well, all around the world.

The success carried on throughout the Nineties but as the 21st century began, Stansfield’s career started to slow. She and her musical partner-turned-husband Ian Devaney took a break.

“I didn’t think anyone was going to listen to what I had to say, so why bother?” she says, quite sensibly.

The first time she noticed the charts might once again favour emotional, modern soul songs, was when Amy Winehouse released Back To Black. Then came Adele, and Emeli Sande. For Stansfield, that was enough. “I thought, ‘If I don’t do it now, I never will’, so I started getting ready to release the album.”

The album is Sevenand was released in January, going to No 13 in the album chart.

“This is the best album I’ve ever made, so I didn’t want to put it out when no one was listening,” she says. “I was hoping the change in musical taste would mean I could get a foot in the door, but I was quite prepared to not bother, too.”

While the comeback has been successful - and she can’t wait to get back on the road- Stansfield will never be able to escape the earlier part of her career.

“People come up to me and sing, ‘Been around the world and I-I-I-I...’ to me, All the time,” she says. “It’s really funny because I’ve got an album out again and it’s on my mind. When someone says, ‘I love your record’, I think they mean the new one, but then it turns out they mean All Around The World and I think, ‘Oh bloody hell! I can’t shake it off.’”