Bert unearthed a real diamond

Cathie and Bert Robertson
Cathie and Bert Robertson

Cathie and Bert Robertson recently celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary after meeting while working for the coal board.

Cathie (84) and Bert (86) from Gorebridge, met while they were both working at the National Coal Board offices in Newtongrange.

Cathie & Bert on their wedding day 60years ago.

Cathie & Bert on their wedding day 60years ago.

The couple were then married at Stobhill Parish Church (now known as Gorebridge Parish Church) on August 6, 1955.

Speaking to the Advertiser about their 60 years of marriage, Bert revealed how the couple got together back in the early 50s.

He said: “We worked in the same office for the coal board.

“I can’t remember back that far in too much detail so I’m not entirely sure how we ended up together.

“We just gradually grew together and became a couple I guess.”

As for the couple’s wedding day 60 years ago, Bert has fond memories.

He said: “The wedding was at Stobhill Parish Church and the reception was in Kirkhill Hotel. It was a great day.

“And it was quite a reasonable do. All the family were there, along with one or two friends.

“For our honeymoon we went up to Arbroath for probably about a week. It was a good time.”

The Robertsons have lived in Gorebridge ever since and have five sons, nine grandchildren, and one great grandson.

So after six decades together, what does Bert believe is the secret to a long and happy marriage?

He said: “As I was telling the family, the object of a good marriage is give and take. I give and the wife takes!

“I better not tell you what she said to that!!

“But no, we have had good, happy marriage.”

To celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary, Cathie and Bert were joined by their family for a meal at The Coronation Restaurant in Gorebridge recently.

Bert added: “The grandchildren keep us on our toes and keep me feeling young.”

The couple recently received a telegram from the Queen in recognition of their 60th wedding anniversary.