Bonnyrigg dog ‘could have died’ following attack

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A spaniel owner is warning fellow dog walkers to be vigilant after his pet suffered life-threatening injuries during an attack.

Stewart Moncreiff (55) of Polton Road in Lasswade, was walking 11-year-old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Lexie in the Braeheads area of the Esk Valley when the drama unfolded at around 8.30am on Sunday, March 9.

He claimed: “Suddenly a black Labrador came bounding towards us.

“It seemed to appear from nowhere and ran around the back of me. It clamped its jaws around Lexie’s stomach and started to shake her about like a rag doll. I had nothing to fend it off with and so I jumped on top of it and pulled it off.

“It all happened very quickly. I was stunned. If it had been a pitbull I might have thought to lift my dog up but Labradors are thought off as placid animals.”

Initially Mr Moncrieff saw no reason to be overly concerned, however when Lexie began to act out of character he realised that something was wrong.

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