Bonnyrigg youth to
get their skates on

Artist's impression of the proposed skate park in Bonnyrigg
Artist's impression of the proposed skate park in Bonnyrigg

A proposed bike and skatepark is due to be opened in the “perfect location” of Bonnyrigg’s King George V Park later this year.

Set to be unveiled in the summer, the £165,000 facility is being funded through the Gourlaw, Shewington Fund (£40,000), Waste Recycling Environmental Limited (£45,000) and sportsscotland (£80,000).

Bonnyrigg Councillor Ian Baxter (Green): “This will be a great addition to King George V Park, and judging from the number of youngsters who have been asking when it will be built, it will be very well used. It will provide a safe environment for youngsters to exercise in a perfect location in the heart of a growing community”.

Blueprints for what would be the biggest ‘bike, board and blade’ park in Midlothian were unveiled at a public meeting in Bonnyrigg last Thursday.

Building is expected to begin next month, however at this stage plans have yet to be finalised.

Councillor Derek Rosie (SNP), cabinet member for commercial operations, added: “We’re absolutely delighted to see the skatepark becoming a reality. The design looks really exciting, helped by the fantastic input and ideas from local young people and enthusiasts.

“Thanks to everyone who has helped shape this important and high quality leisure facility. I’m sure it will be well-used when it opens in the summer.”

Chairman of Bonnyrigg and Lasswade Community Council, Darius Namdaran, said: “Our thanks go to the Midlothian Council employees who secured the £170,000 external funds and their determination to build the skate park by the end of the year. The plans look great.”