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Wrongful Death

by Lynda La Plante

When Lynda La Plante puts DCI Anna Travis on the case there are sure to be fireworks.

This battle for the glamourous detective is a tale which crosses the Atlantic from the West Indies to London and to the United States, pitting her against one of the most cunning criminals she has ever met.

Travis also has to deal with a trip to the FBI Academy at Quantico, US and solve a cold case for her new FBI course instructor. To complicate matters, she finds she has feelings for the first time since her fiance was killed by an inmate in the prison where he worked as a guard.

Travis’ boss DCS James Langton, also a former lover, has his own nemesis to face. Helped by an FBI SWAT team, he finally puts the drug dealer who nearly wrecked his career out of action, but it comes at a very high price.

Back in Britain, Travis and Langton team up to take on a different kind of career criminal, but when their best efforts are defeated, Travis shows there’s more than one way to outwit the poisoned mind of a sociopath.

La Plante is already a writer of screen successes like Widows and Prime Suspect and a perpetual author at the top of the best-seller lists. With Wrongful Death, she once again shows off her well-researched and engaging style.