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Those We Left Behind by Stuart Neville
Those We Left Behind by Stuart Neville

Those We Left Behind by Stuart Neville.

Where does the human being end and the police officer begin? How can you keep your soul intact when you deal on a daily basis with the depravity you encounter in society? Can you balance the rights of the victim with the rights of the criminal? Can a police officer deal out compassion and justice in equal measure?

Those are the conflicts facing DCI Serena Flanagan. The emotional needs of a murder victim’s family weighed against the young brothers whose childhoods were taken from them as punishment for a despicable crime. Not forgetting Flanagan’s own husband and children, and her friends and colleagues. Most importantly her own feelings, the passions and needs which keep her heart beating. All of these weigh heavily upon a seasoned policewoman trying to steer a course between public expectations and private ambitions, hopes and fears, challenges and changes.

Stuart Neville’s work has put his name on the bestseller lists around the world and earned him an armful of nominations for some of the top crime awards. His latest creation, Those We Left Behind, focuses on brothers Ciaran and Thomas Devine and their stuttering path back into normal society after seven years of incarceration and explores the questions: How can they function? Who can they trust? Can they even trust each other?

Neville’s track record is proven, with testimonials from the likes of Lee Child and Val McDermid. Those We Left Behind speaks of the heart-rending choices facing Flanagan and the Devines, and their tortured journeys as they seek a purpose to their lives, battling to keep their heads above water.

To find out who sinks or swims, seek out a copy of this gripping tale of two brothers and one policewoman in a Northern Ireland fighting to come to terms with peacefully living in a land still torn by the divisions of religious intolerance, and the deep scars it has left on its people.