Book of the week - Bleak Expectations by Mark Evans, Published by Corsair, £14.99

Those who haven’t had the pleasure of catching the Radio 4 show will be unfamiliar with the plight of young Pip Bin.

Following the popularity of the programme is Mark Evans’s new novel, a pastiche of arguably Dickens’s most iconic works - Bleak House and Great Expectations.

Written as a collection of memoirs from the brilliant but uncelebrated writer and inventor Sir Philip Bin, Bleak Expectations has all the vital ingredients of a good, old-fashioned Victorian adventure.

Unlikely inheritance, a jovial sidekick and menacing guardians all make an appearance, with Evans shining a satirical light on Dickens’s familiar plotlines.

As Pip’s life continues its downward spiral, both Evans’s plot and use of adjectives become more and more obscure.

What results is an engaging and highly amusing tale, just the right side of ridiculous.