Acclaimed and prolific Australian author and non-fiction essayist Thomas Keneally presents his 29th novel, The Daughters Of Mars.

The four-time Man Booker-shortlisted writer was also the mind behind Schindler’s Ark, the book that was subsequently made into the Oscar-winning movie Schindler’s List.

His latest book continues with a wartime setting, providing us with a story both grandiose in scale and searingly intimate.

During the First World War, two sisters escape their father’s dairy farm near Sydney, Australia, along with the dark and guilty secret they shared there. Becoming nurses in the Dardanelles, the Durance sisters experience the unrestricted horrors of the conflict, but they are inspired by strong, extraordinary women, and forge a bond they couldn’t have previously imagined.

Vivid and intelligent, engrossing and moving, The Daughters Of Mars provides a stunning, unflinching vision of the First World War.

Rating: 8/10