Books: Fiction - A Tale For The Time Being, by Ruth Ozeki

Ruth Ozeki’s third novel has been 10 years in the making, and big things are expected after her first two novels, My Years Of Meats and All Over Creation, were both critically acclaimed.

And it doesn’t disappoint. Spanning the globe from Japan to British Columbia, this is a story revolving around a diary that washes ashore inside a Hello Kitty lunch box, and the effect it has on the woman who finds it.

The tale alternates between excerpts from the diary, written by Japanese teenager Nao, and the story of Ruth, an author who lives on a desolate island in British Columbia.

The two characters are worlds apart, yet from the moment she starts to read the diary, Ruth is drawn into Nao’s world.

The concept is a simple one, yet once you start reading, it becomes clear that this is anything but a simple story.

While it may not be for everyone, Ozeki has produced an absorbing and complex novel, which will leave you pondering over the nature of time and the interconnectedness of the universe.