Books - Fiction: The Ambassador’s Daughter by Pam Jenoff, Published by Mira, priced £7.99

So many books have been written based around the World Wars that it is feasible to believe it is now an exhausted subject, but that doesn’t feel at all the case in Pam Jenoff’s new novel.

It is Paris, 1919, and the world is shaken to its core, a feeling epitomised in so many books.

However, Margot, the daughter of a German diplomat, is now able in the stripped back countries to see an exciting new world, a world full of lust, guilt, friendship but also opportunity.

It is this mixture of emotions that trouble Margot, there has never been much thought pre-war as to what she actually wanted from life, “Women... aren’t encouraged to speak or do much, you see”, but along with this new-found voice comes the pitfalls of accidentally saying too much to the wrong person.

The Ambassador’s Daughter is about more than war, it’s about the battles we have with ourselves.