Books - In Her Blood

After a career as a screenwriter, In Her Blood is Annie Hauxwell’s first novel and the beginning of a series of crime thrillers based on the protagonist Catherine Berlin.

Berlin is a Financial Services Agency investigator who finds the dead body of an informant in the midst of a loan shark inquiry.

After her unorthodox GP is killed, and her boss soon after, she finds herself at the centre of a murder investigation.

With a secret heroin addiction, no doctor to prescribe her maintenance dose and a team of crooked policemen watching, Berlin has seven days to prove her innocence.

London-born Hauxwell uses the grimy East End as a setting for this story of corruption, drugs and murder, and tackles an intricate story by moving between characters to arrange a matrix of subplots. With meticulous detail and great character depth, In Her Blood is an assured start to Hauxwell’s career as a novelist.

Rating: 8/10