Books - The Devil Is White by William Palmer

William Palmer’s stories and poetry have been broadcast on radio, and he also teaches creative writing; The Devil Is White is his ninth book, and follows the lives of a group of abolitionists as they set out to build a free society on an African island.

In 1792, after recruiting more than a hundred people to embark on a “utopia” experiment, a group of English gentlemen set about planning life in their new world, and it all seems to go well as they arrive at the verdant paradise.

However, paradise isn’t handed to them on a silver platter, and there is dissension in the ranks when people have different views on how the settlement should be ruled - but greater adversaries await in the form of illness, starvation and inclement weather.

A master storyteller, Palmer exposes the dark and dangerous creases of the human mind in this accomplished novel.

Rating: 7/10