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Catching The Sun is the latest foray into fiction by journalist Tony Parsons, who is best-known for his popular novels One For My Baby, Man And Wife, and Man And Boy.

After relocating to the sun-drenched island of Phuket in Thailand, a British family hopes to find some semblance of paradise, especially the father, who was involved in an unsavoury incident back in the UK.

However, darker powers conspire to threaten not only their new lives, but their family bonds, leading them to the very things they wished to escape.

Parsons steps into familiar territory by exploring the emotional trials and tribulations faced by an average family, except this time the action takes place in a foreign country, somewhat exacerbating their problems.

Catching The Sun is a simple yet effective story, exploring the incessant search for happiness and what people will do to secure it.

Rating: 6/10