Boomers nicely fills gap in market


What’s on the television?

Friday, March 25

Boomers (BBC One, 9pm)

Since Last of the Summer Wine’s demise, there is little wonder British TV was crying out for a decent sitcom about pensioners.

Celebrating Trevor’s birthday and anniversary, Joyce, Maureen and Carol strike up a new friendship.

Saturday, March 26

The Stuarts: A Family At War (BBC Parliament, 9pm)

The final, dramatic act of the Stuart century saw the Stuarts fatally divided by religion: brother versus brother, and two daughters supporting the overthrow of their father.

After Charles II’s brother, the Catholic James VII and II, was deposed by protestant William of Orange in 1688, Britain became a constitutional monarchy.

But the so-called 1688 “Glorious Revolution” came at a price, as Scotland lost her sovereignty and became part of Great Britain in 1707.

Sunday, March 27

The Night Manager (BBC One, 9pm)

In the climactic series finale, Pine returns to where it all began: the Nefertiti Hotel in Cairo.

Accompanying Roper to lead the final business transfer... will he able to finish the operation to bring Roper down before he is exposed?