BREAKING NEWS: Labour’s Kenny Young wins Midlothian East By-election

Kenny Young (Lab) has won the Midlothian East by-election with 1,682 votes.

He beat SNP candidate Colin Cassidy’s 1,613 votes in the fifth and final round.

Midlothian by-election count at Mayfield Leisure Centre

Midlothian by-election count at Mayfield Leisure Centre

The count, which uses the single transferable vote system, took place at Mayfield Leisure Centre today (Friday).

The turnout was 34.1 per cent.

The stage 1 result, announced at around 12.30pm, saw Euan Davidson (LibDem) excluded as he had the least number of votes (68).

Of the total number of votes cast (3,930), the results for the other five candidates were 1,260 votes for Colin Cassidy (SNP), 331 for Andrew Hardie (Con), 780 for Robert Hogg (Ind), 197 for Bill Kerr-Smith (Green) and 1,294 for Kenny Young (Lab).

Votes for excluded candidates are transferred to remaining candidates in accordance with the voters next preferences.

The stage 2 result saw Bill Kerr-Smith drop-out with 208 votes. Candidates progressing to stage three were Colin Cassidy (1,270), Andrew Hardie (342), Robert Hogg (789) and Kenny Young (1,310).

Colin Cassidy has taken a slender lead going into stage 4 after Andrew Hardie was excluded at stage 3 with the lowest number of votes - 359. Votes counted for Colin Cassidy were 1,357, while Kenny Young and Robert Hogg were 1,343 and 831 respectively.

The by-election has become a two horse race after Robert Hogg was eliminated at stage 4 with 914 votes. Kenny Young, with 1,443 votes, has overtaken Colin Cassidy on 1,384.

After stage 5 Kenny Young (Lab) has won the Midlothian East by-election with 1,682 votes to SNP candidate Colin Cassidy’s 1,613.

The by-election was caused by the resignation of councillor Peter Boyes (Ind) in August due to ill health. It means a new face will soon be joining current sitting councillors Lisa Beattie (SNP) and Peter de Vink (Ind) in serving the sizeable geographical ward which takes in communities including Dalkeith, Easthouses, Mayfield, Eskbank and Cousland.

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