Breast cancer charity has its knockers

Bonnyrigg woman Meriel Munro, who volunteers for charity Knitted Knockers
Bonnyrigg woman Meriel Munro, who volunteers for charity Knitted Knockers

A Bonnyrigg woman who spends her spare time knitting breasts is keen to highlight the work of the charity she volunteers for.

Meriel Munro (47), makes ‘Knitted Knockers’ for the charity of the same name. They are breast prostheses for ladies who have had mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery following breast cancer.

Ladies sometimes find that the silicone prostheses provided by the NHS can be uncomfortable, heavy, or can irritate sensitive or scarred skin, causing rashes or pain.

A Knitted Knocker is a lightweight alternative that takes the form of a real breast, is soft against the skin and is breathable, washable and adjustable.

Meriel explained why she got involved with the charity.

She said: “I’ve been doing this for just over a year. They were featured on BBC Breakfast because they had won an award. I just thought ‘that sounds good, I will sign up for that’. And the rest as they say is history.

“I enjoy knitting anyway, so knitting little things like this is enjoyable. But mainly it is the feeling that you are helping somebody in need. I have knitted since I was a teenager. In fact, longer than that.

“The feedback we get from ladies that have received our knockers has been amazing.

“It literally changes lives sometimes. In terms of comfort and confidence that it gives to these ladies.

“It’s trying to get the word out to women who have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy.

“The charity posts the orders onto a secret Facebook group and whoever fancies knitting that day does it and sends it over.

“Admin have a map for orders and there was only two in the last year for Edinburgh, Midlothian and the Borders.

“I just think people don’t know about us. It’s just really getting the word out because in the rest of the UK there are lots of orders. The knitters ourselves are all over the place. There is not many of us in this area either. I’m the only one in Midlothian.”