Fuelling the debate

Fuel prices are continuing to make headlines as motorists feel the affects of rising oil prices and increased tax.

The AA’s latest fuel price report shows that across the UK, the average cost of a litre of unleaded petrol in February was 128.8p – up nearly 7p compared to December before the VAT rise.

Diesel prices have also risen, from 126.2ppl to an average of 134.0ppl since December.

The latest figures follow a trend that has emerged over recent years - with the price of a litre of unleaded rocketing from 80.2p in February 2000 to 128.8p this year, and diesel increasing from 81.3p to 134.0p over the same period.

Instability in the Middle East and North Africa is driving up oil prices around the world, which means the price of petrol at the pump is continuing to rise. But tax also has a large role to play in the misery faced by motorists when they fill up.

Fay Sinclair looks at the issue in more detail in this week’s Advertiser - out now.