Cafe opposes Greggs’ plan

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Bakery giant Greggs’ bid to set up external seating outside its shop in Dalkeith has been strongly opposed by a neighbouring cafe owner.

Café Troy, which has its own outside seating area at 15 Jarnac Court, has objected to the proposal from Greggs for eight chairs and barriers.

Just yards opposite, the Continental Café also has al fresco seating for its customers.

Lodging an objection on the Midlothian Council website, Café Troy owner Hacer Gursoy said: “Dalkeith is already well served by eateries and we are finding it very difficult to make our business stay open. Another place is going to put unreasonable pressure on us.

“We have been a very loyal tenant to the council past 
18 years. We have objected to others opening before, eg Wetherspoons and Subway, but our objections have been ignored.

“We cannot absorb another eatery opening. Dalkeith is full of pubs, eateries and second hand shops – the council needs to attract other businesses to open so that it can benefit everyone.

“Please think again – you have an obligation to look after the interests of your already existing tenants.”

Reaction on the Advertiser’s Facebook page was mixed.

Martin Rogerson posted: “As an ‘incomer’ who has lived in Dalkeith for five years I love the sense of community, and how people sit outside and actually talk to one another! That’s great, but I don’t want to have my right to do so to be attributable to/invaded by some consumer chain.”

John Sharp wrote: “Healthy competition is one thing, but a small local cafe competing with a giant national chain is another. A bit David & Goliath don’t you think?”

Jean Robertson Burnett felt: “The cafe owner is quite right to be objecting. Theres plenty benches in Jarnac court if folk want to sit & eat their take away from Greggs.”