Captain Perrin faces terrifying task



Thursday, March 10

The Crusie (STV, 8.30pm)

This week we see Captain Ed Perrin facing one of the biggest challenges of his life. He’s been given permission to sail his vessel into Stockholm, through its archipelago. Making that journey in such a huge ship has taken a year of planning because of the thousands of tiny islands and shallow waters.

Friday, March 11

Mr Selfridge (BBC One, 9pm)

Joining a series just as it’s about to come to an end doesn’t sound like much of a career move, but Sacha Dhawan doesn’t care - he’s loved being a part of Mr Selfridge, even if it has been for a relatively short time.

And Jimmy is indeed in the thick of things this week - his latest activity shocks everyone and prompts several questions to be raised about Harry’s financial stability.

Saturday, March 12

Stag (BBC Two, 9pm)

The four remaining members of the stag party realise they must make a final stand if they are to survive but will the killer, and their past, catch up with them before they can figure it all out?

And will Ian fulfil his promise to his sister Fran and keep Johnners from a grizzly end?

Sunday, March 13

The Night Manager

(BBC One, 9pm)

Now working for Roper and living under the guise of Andrew Birch, Pine is fully immersed in Roper’s world and is preparing for his first business deal. However, as Pine and Jed’s relationship develops and tension grows, Corky’s fierce jealousy gets the better of him.