Cat twice covered in bleach

Nicolle Murdoch and Simba
Nicolle Murdoch and Simba

A Bonnyrigg woman has expressed her worries about the safety of local pets after one of her cats twice returned home covered in bleach.

Nicolle Murdoch (43) from Hopefield, was shocked when one of her two Tonkinese cats, Simba, was doused in the chemical liquid while out in the local area on December 29 and 31.

The sign language interpreter recalled the first incident, she said: “When Simba came in at about lunch time I could smell it right away. I managed to wash it all off no bother and he didn’t have any lasting damage

“Two days later, it happened again. But at nighttime.

“He came in soaked in bleach again. I took him to the vet and he has a urine infection. It’s just lucky he wasn’t burned. I’m really upset about this.

“I work. So I worry that when I get home the cats will be covered in bleach. What if it gets into their eyeballs?

“It’s scary. And it’s making me suspicious of my neighbours now. I have never had any bother here, but now I’m thinking ‘who is doing this?’

“Simba doesn’t go far, so it’s definitely someone local that has done this.

“I understand it must be annoying if a cat is going into your garden, but to throw bleach on them, it’s just incredible.”

After the attacks Nicolle took to social media to warn other local pet owners about the threat. And it seems as if the perpetrator took

She said: “Simba returned home one night last week covered in water this time. That was after I put the message on Facebook.

“I have never had anything like this happen before. And I haven’t heard anything else about this from anyone.

“The police just said to keep an eye on the cats.

“My other cat, Tao, is just fine. I don’t know if he is just not going to the same garden maybe as Simba.”

News of the bleach attacks provoked fury when Nicolle posted it on Facebook.

Kirstie Malley commented: “That is awful!!!!! Is your cat ok? Why on earth would anyone throw bleach at any animal? That’s just cruel.”

Fee Clark said: “This is shocking!! Deff report it to the police! And I would have a look around the gardens in the area because the chances are there will be bleach marks where it had been thrown! I hope you find out who done this!! Hope your cat is ok.”

Also responding to Nicolle’s post, Kim Denholm said: “That is disgusting. I would ring the SSPCA to alert them that someone in the area does this.

“Definitely report to the police, and if it was me I would put a note through all neighbours’ doors alerting them and mentioning the police have been contacted.

“Hope the cruel scumbag gets their comeuppance sooner rather then later, it’s so horrible, what if it had squirted in his eye?

“There’s so much nastiness to animals just now - between your cat and stolen pet chickens - makes me mad!”

While, Kim Docherty said: “That’s disgusting and cruel hope your wee cat is okay ...who ever it was they should be ashamed ...animal cruelty !!! X x”

Scottish SPCA Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said: “Due to their free roaming nature, cats are often subjected to cruelty and ill-treatment at the hands of complete strangers.

“This cat would have endured terrible pain as a result of having a chemical thrown over it.

“If this was intentional then it is a severe case of cruelty and we would urge anyone in the area with information to come forward.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “We have received a report of a cat having come into contact with bleach on its fur and are conducting local inquiries to establish the circumstances surrounding this matter.”