Catchment views sought

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Midlothian Council is carrying out a consultation into the proposed catchment for the new primary school at north Gorebridge, which is due to open in 2016.

The education authority also wants to know what people think about proposed changes to the catchment areas of Gorebridge, Stobhill, Mayfield and Newtongrange primary schools and Newbattle Community High School.

The six-week consultation launches on Wednesday, August 26 and will run until Thursday, October 8. The changes, if given the go-ahead, would take effect from August 2016.

SNP education spokesman Councillor Bob Constable said: “We want to make sure the new primary school in north Gorebridge will have an established catchment area and to relieve pressure on capacity at Gorebridge and Stobhill Primary Schools. Stobhill and Gorebridge primary schools will then be in a better position to provide places for pupils coming from other housing developments.

“We also think our plans will help balance pupil numbers across all the primary schools in the Newbattle Associated School Group, a further advantage of which would be to reduce the catchment area of Newtongrange Primary and make better use of Mayfield Primary.

“The new secondary school for Newbattle and five of the seven non-denominational primary schools in its catchment will be new or recently built, in excellent condition and designed to support the delivery of high-quality teaching and learning.”

Public meetings will take place in Gorebridge Primary on Tuesday, September 15 and McSence Business Park, Mayfield, on Wednesday, September 16. Both meetings are from 7-8.30pm.

Pupils, parents, staff and the local community can also fill in the survey online from August 26 at

The proposals would mean that the catchment area of the new school at north Gorebridge would include the residential areas at Gowkshill, Hunterfield, Barleyknowe, Glenview, Arniston and by the A7 as well as housing development sites at north Gorebridge, Redheugh/Prestonholm, Redheugh West and Stobhill Road .

The residential area in the vicinity of Wilson Road would transfer from the catchment of Stobhill Primary into the catchment of Gorebridge

The catchment area of Newtongrange Primary would reduce as the housing development site known as Lingerwood and part of the housing development site at east Newtongrange would move to Mayfield Primary’s catchment.