Charities join forces to help Midlothian pensioners

Age Scotland and Shelter Scotland have joined forces to ensure older residents in Midlothian have better access to expert information and advice on housing.

Callers to the Age Scotland Helpline – 0845 125 9732 – whose needs include help with housing problems such as rent or mortgage arrears, will now get assistance for them without additionally having to call Shelter Scotland.

The partnership aims to meet the needs of an increasing number of older people experiencing housing problems: more than 1000 people in Scotland of or above State Pension Age made homeless applications last year. Age Scotland Helpline advisors will be able to obtain specialist support from Shelter Scotland where necessary to answer enquiries.

Age Scotland Helpline manager Heather Smith said: “Many of the people who contact us, who are very often older people, but can also be their friends, families and carers, do so in the hope that we can help with a wide range of problems. They may have a housing issue, but perhaps also difficulties around managing on a low income, getting suitable care or feeling lonely and isolated. Our partnership with Shelter Scotland means that help for homeowners or tenants in Midlothian with such connected issues is now available through just one phone call.”