Charity issues dogs in cars warning

Scottish SPCA Dogs Die in Hot Cars poster
Scottish SPCA Dogs Die in Hot Cars poster

The Scottish SPCA has issued a fresh warning urging people not to leave their dogs in hot cars as temperatures in Scotland continue to soar.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity has so far received 220 reports of dogs being left inside warm vehicles this summer.

Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said: “We are very concerned about the number of calls coming in about dogs being left inside hot cars.

“Thankfully, in most cases we deal with, the owners return before their pets have come to harm.

“However, in this kind of heat there can be devastating consequences in a matter of minutes.”

Mike added: “Owners need to understand that it’s completely unacceptable to leave a dog inside a vehicle in these searing temperatures, even for a short period of time with the windows down.

“Our advice is that dogs should be left with adequate provisions at home instead.

“This is far kinder than subjecting them to an extremely uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation.”

He reminded dog owners that it is an offence to cause an animal suffering and anyone found guilty could be banned from owning pets.

“However, there would be no greater punishment than an owner returning to find their dog has died a horrible death due to their own ignorance,” he said.

Anyone who comes across a distressed dog left in a vehicle should contact the Scottish SPCA animal helpline on 03000 999 999 or Police Scotland.