Charity worker is on top of the world

Lousie Dickson reaches the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro
Lousie Dickson reaches the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro

A WOMAN from Bonnyrigg helped raise £30,000 for charity by climbing the highest free standing mountain in the world.

Louise Dickson (28), recently took part in the 5,895 metre climb with 20 fellow workers from Carr-Gomm - a charity that provides support in a residential unit and in the home.

Louise, who works at the charity’s recovery rehabilitation centre in Newtongrange, quickly got used to getting back to reality, after dealing with the pain and pleasures of climbing at altitude.

She said: “Honestly, it seems like I have never been away. Straight back into work!

“It was amazing on the trek, really hard, but really good fun. Just being in Africa was amazing, but getting to the summit was incredible.

“On the last day I got bad altitude sickness, I was throwing up every five to ten minutes. I can’t even recall the last hour towards the top!

“Going down was as bad as going up. It was really sore on my legs, which were still aching from climbing up. And by that point I just wanted to get home.

“Camping was really good fun though. And the views were incredible.”

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