Choir anniversary sparks encore


That Day We Sang (Friday, December 26, BBC2, 9pm)

What’s It All About? When Victoria Wood was 22 (and as she recently told BBC’s Breakfast, living in a bedsit and existing on a diet of tinned mince), she saw a documentary about the reunion of members of a children’s choir.

It was still on Wood’s mind in 2011, when it inspired her to the write the musical That Day We Sang, which was originally staged as part of the Manchester International Festival.

And now, she’s bringing it to the small screen.

Set in 1969, it stars Michael Ball and Imelda Staunton _ who previously picked up Olivier Awards for co-starring in a West End revival of Sweeney Todd, who were once members of Manchester’s Children’s Choir.

When they are reunited for a documentary marking the 40th anniversary of their iconic recording of Nymphs and Shepherds, it’s a chance for the now middle-aged ex-choristers to reflect on the power of music and the direction their lives have taken.

But could it also mark a new beginning for lonely Tubby and Enid?

Look Out For: The story of Jimmy, another member of the choir for whom singing provides an escape from a difficult home life.