Christmas cheer at school’s online hit


The children of Saltersgate School have become online stars after a video produced by staff went viral.

The video, the third that staff at the school have produced, showcases the students to a cover version of The Beatles’ classic All You Need Is Love.

Nick Timotheou, a childcare development worker at the school, came up with the idea of making the videos after noticing the success of John Lewis advert parodies.

“I sat down with the staff and thought it would be a good idea to do one of our own,” he explained.

“It just went from there. Last year we did Man on the Moon. This year I decided not to go with John Lewis – it didn’t seem to go and the advert didn’t lend itself to parody. So I came up with this idea.”

The video focuses on the students in classes and out in the local area being themselves, which was what Nick tried to capture.

He said: “It’s a chance to showcase the kids really. I tried to get every single child in the video. I managed to get a couple of the children to do some acting – they loved seeing the end product.

“But it’s really about the children being children, being themselves.

“The main boy in the video was really chuffed to see it – really interested in how it was made.

“He even came up with some ideas, even though we couldn’t use them – they involved aliens.”

As well as being a success in terms of the number of times it has been watched, the video has also been popular with the kids, their parents and even other schools.

“The kids love being on video – a lot of them wave and when they watched it they really enjoy it. The parents enjoy it even more.

“People have started waiting for the video and we’ve gotten really good feedback.

“One mainstream school head teacher said it did a great job at showcasing a special needs school. It allowed her to talk to her pupils about what the school does.”

The school supports children and young people with additional support needs and for Nick it was important to film the kids at their most natural.

He said: “It was mostly just me filming. However, the outdoor education teacher filmed a bit while they were outdoors and she got some really great stuff.

“The children really come into their own when they are out on walks and in the community.”

If you would like to watch the video you can do so at