Christmas concert to stop trafficking

Tearfund Scotland Director Lynne Paterson with (l to r)  Abby Fox, Rhys Fox, Elizabeth Young and James Young
Tearfund Scotland Director Lynne Paterson with (l to r) Abby Fox, Rhys Fox, Elizabeth Young and James Young

A church is hosting a Christmas concert in a bid to raise funds which will protect children around the world who are at risk of being trafficked.

Charity Tearfund Scotland hopes that many Midlothian residents will get behind the event and help make a difference in tackling what is now the fastest-growing criminal industry world-wide.

The concert, which takes place in Gorebridge Parish Church on Thursday, December 17, will feature live music, Christmas songs, and an opportunity to hear more about Tearfund’s anti-trafficking work. With all proceeds from ticket sales going towards the charity’s No Child Taken campaign.

Tearfund Scotland Director Lynne Paterson hopes many Gorebridge residents will come along to show their support and find out more about the charity’s work.

She said: “Every 30 seconds, somewhere in the world, a child is trafficked. That works out as more than one million children every year. Tearfund has been working to help some of the poorest families in the world who are often prime targets for traffickers looking to take advantage.

“With the support of people in Midlothian, we will be able to continue to come alongside vulnerable communities in places like Nepal to help families become more aware of the dangers and learn new skills to provide a secure income so that they are no longer at risk.

“So far this year, funds raised in Scotland have allowed us to implement measures to protect more than 3000 children. Events like this one will help us to take this work further - keeping even more children safe.”

Tearfund works through organisations in communities which are at risk, by providing peer-to-peer education, after school clubs and trafficking awareness workshops to equip communities to stay safe and make good decisions, as well as training to provide skills such as sewing, cooking and repairing motorbikes so that people can make a safe living close to home.

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