Christmas lights last stand

After putting the magic into Christmas in Bonnyrigg for more than a decade, Davie Brown has put up his spectacular display for the last time.

Wednesday, 12th December 2018, 6:34 am

Davie dazzled locals young and old at his Polton Street home for 11 years, raising £24,000 for Marie Curie in the process. As previously reported in the Advertiser, Davie’s beloved wife Anne died in August this year following a long battle with COPD and Davie feels he can no longer continue his display after spending his retired life caring for her.

The former miner has continued his well-loved traditions this year despite being diagnosed with liver and bowel cancer while also coping with a long-term spinal injury. He said: “It was my last promise to Anne before she died that I would continue to do it this year. I’m a man of principle and so I decided that this year will be my last.”

He has thanked the community who have united to put on this year’s Christmas celebrations, particularly Rose Findlay and Patricia Telfer.

Santa Davie Brown with P1 pupil Brook Louden from local Hawthornden Primary

He added: “I’m hoping to raise £6,000 this year so we can round up the total for Marie Curie to £30,000, which would be fantastic.”

Davie will donate his extensive light collection to Poltonhall Gala Day for the community to enjoy for years to come. He will don the Santa costume for one more year before dedicating his time for another hobby of his, making trains and cars for local children at nurseries and schools. He said: “I love doing it.”

The grotto of Santa Davie Brown of Bonnyrigg who has been lighting up the town for over 10 years 04/12/18