Christmas lights to return to Dalkeith High Street?

Absent for more than 40 years, Christmas lights could soon be returning to Dalkeith High Street

Although erected annually at Jarnac Court, Eskdale Court and Komarom Court, festive illuminations have not been seen above the main street since the 1960s.

But that could be about to change thanks to Dalkeith Community Council. At its recent meeting, community councillor Neil Hynd suggesting that Common Good funding might be used to buy new lights for the town.

“Is it not possible for us to do that because the ones we have are abysmal,” he suggested to local councillor Margot Russell (Lab).

Councillor Russell told the Advertiser: “I would love to see lights across the High Street again.

“Of course there would be health and safety issues regarding lights being strung across a busy road, and unfortunately, because of the make up of the High Street, there aren’t any street lanterns to hang lights from.

“The old ones will be long gone now but it may be that the current lights can be adapted.

“The community council will have to do a bit of work on costings, and all this would have to be done in conjunction with homeowners and businesses. A risk assessment would also need to be carried out.

“It’s too late for this year but it might be possible to get something done in time for next Christmas.”

Read full story in the November 22 edition of the Midlothian Advertiser.