Christmas presents for homeless kids

Rose Findlay & Shona Miller
Rose Findlay & Shona Miller

Two kind-hearted cousins have been collecting selection boxes and toys to give to homeless children to brighten up their lives this Christmas.

Rose Findlay (48) and Shona Miller (45) already run the Every face has a story spreading kindness Facebook page.

Originally set-up a year ago to help a family member, Rose explained their new priority.

She said: “I have been reading a lot of articles recently about children being homeless. And I just thought it would be nice for them to have something to wake up to on Christmas Day.

“They are homeless through no fault of their own.

“My cousin Shona has helped me with getting selection boxes and toys. We have had a good response. As well as toys and selection boxes we have had clothes handed in as well.

“It’s really important. No kids should wake up on Christmas morning without a present.

“East and Midlothian Women’s Aid will pick up everything we collect. So at least that way everything donated is going to local people.

“I hope people keep giving so we can help as many kids as possible. It’s a hard time of the year to give. I appreciate that. Everyone is struggling. But every little helps those less well off than ourselves.”

Rose explained why she likes to help others.

She said: “The Facebook page is going really well it’s taken off in the last few weeks.

“I just like helping folk. I have always been that way. I was just brought up like that. My mum and dad always instilled in us that we should always help others less fortunate than ourselves.

“Shona and I are amazed at the amount of people who kindly donated, the spirit of Christmas lives on.”

And Rose’s kindness has no bounds, as she revealed she will also invite an elderly stranger round for Christmas dinner this year.

She said: “I just want to give them a bit of company and bring some Christmas spirit.”