Cinema’s latest star is a huggable new hero

Big Hero 6 with Baymax, left and Hiro. Photo: PA Photo/Disney
Big Hero 6 with Baymax, left and Hiro. Photo: PA Photo/Disney

Never underestimate the soothing power of a hug.

With one simple squish, you can provide comfort, encouragement or a simple how-do-you-do that transcends a thousand well-chosen words.

Big Hero 6 is the cinematic equivalent of a warm hug, embracing the old-fashioned family values of the Walt Disney brand alongside cutting-edge computer technology that audiences now expect to dazzle their senses.

Directors Don Hall and Chris Williams marry dizzying action sequences that look even more spectacular in 3D to an emotionally rich story of a lonely boy’s unshakeable bond with his self-inflating robot protector, recalling the magical 1999 animated feature The Iron Giant.

The inquisitive automaton Baymax is the stuff that sweet celluloid dreams are made of: tender, loving and unwittingly hilarious. Every child will want their own marshmallow man to snuggle at night and keep them safe from the harsh realities of modern life that weigh heavily on the film’s grief-stricken adolescent hero.

Aided by Tadashi’s loyal friends plus an upgraded Baymax, Hiro resolves to discover the truth about the deadly inferno.