Clarkson in quiz show hot seat


Have I Got News for You (Friday, 18 April, BBC1, 9pm)

What’s It All About? When he’s not occasionally fronting Have I Got News For You, which he’s done for the past dozen years, Jeremy Clarkson is often making the headlines with controversial comments on Twitter, The One Show or Top Gear.

So the solution is simple: stop him using media outlets beginning with T and no-one will be offending ever again. That’s perhaps why Clarkson is on safe ground with this series, the invincible news quiz fast approaching its quarter century birthday.

As ever, team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton will be offering their unique take on the week’s silliest news stories, while comedian Henning Wehn (one of this week’s special guests) will hopefully be a Teutonic tonic for those in need of a laugh.

Look Out For: German stand-up talent Wehn, who is one of the freshest - and most unusual - faces on the TV panel-show circuit, regularly proving how erroneous the old myth of Germans as having no sense of humour really is.

He claims that being ‘the German comic’ has given him more press attention than he deserved.

Does his success simply come down to a combination of luck and gimmick?