Clash of the ’tache!

Campbell: Once mo, with feeling... You may recall that last year I was persuaded to grow a moustache for Movember.

I flew solo because a) the office ladies are tache-less (allegedly) and b) Craig Finlay was disqualified for having a permanent mouser.

The addition of Kevin Quinn to the Advertiser hurly-burly has enlivened team meetings.

Blinded by last week’s autumn sun glinting on our bald nappers, editor Jo smiled that ‘I’ve-got-a-feature’ smile and said: “It’s nearly Movember, boys. Tache wars. Let’s go for it.”

The lad’s a trouper and he agreed to take the Mo Bro pledge of allegiance. Welcome aboard, Kev.

As if to prepare me for the task, two tache-related things occurred when I was at Asda last Saturday.

Firstly, I spotted a Mr Potato Head T-shirt bearing the message “I moustache you a question”, a quip I used in recounting a schoolday story last year. Then, as I exited the store, my shopping set off the door alarm. The security guard who ferreted through my messages discovered that the checkout assistant had failed to remove the plastic shell surrounding a pack of razors. Spooky, eh?

Ever supportive, office Mo Sista Janet suggested I treat my mo to a vajazzle.

But I’m not from Essex. Nice try, JB.

Kevin: WHEN the boss first asked me to take part in Movember I thought oh god no, but then the idea grew on me, kind of like facial hair funnily enough.

I have a few reasons for doing this ‘challenge’ other than I’m the new boy and you have to do what the boss says (only kidding Ed).

Firstly, as a bald man of too many years it will be nice and slightly novel to have some hair to worry about and give some TLC to. And, although I fully understand that a bald man with a moustache isn’t perhaps the best look, the wife has promised not to leave me and being a Hibs supporter that grew-up in Gorgie I am well used to getting stick from my mates.

But, most importantly, the whole Movember phenomenon is for an excellent cause. I feel it’s very important to raise awareness and funds for men’s health, specifically testicular cancer and prostate cancer. On quickly doing some research I was astonished to learn that one in nine men in the UK are likely to face prostate cancer in their lifetime – the same figure as for women estimated to get breast cancer. In recent years woman have come together to do amazing things to raise awareness of and money for the fight against breast cancer, it’s about time us men did something similar.

l Follow Kevin and Campbell’s progress each week, when we’ll give you the chance to vote for your favourite facial fuzz. Are you taking part in Movember? If so, send us your photos.